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Ramsay Connect launches new cancer support program at Lake Macquarie, Wollongong and John Flynn Private Hospitals

November 18, 2020

Ramsay Connect is trialing a new post-treatment support program to help cancer patients navigate and better understand their ‘new normal’ following cancer treatment.

Ramsay Connect Cancer Care aims to provide clients with a seamless, clinician-led transition of care between hospital and their home.

The Ramsay Connect Cancer Care program was developed after research with patients revealed a majority of them felt there was a ‘post treatment void’ and adjusting to their ‘new
normal’ was difficult. 

Ramsay Health Care Service Line Director, Sue Sinclair, said the new program was being trialed through Wollongong and Lake Macquarie Private Hospitals.

The Ramsay Connect Cancer Care program is built on a strong evidence base and creating connected and integrated pathways for patients, from screening right through to survivorship beyond the hospital walls,” Ms Sinclair said.

“There’s a lot of published evidence that supports why we’re doing this and we’ve designed this program based on the feedback from our own patients, plus expert clinical advice.”

Under Ramsay’s Connect Cancer Care, patients will receive a personalised program to help them support a healthy lifestyle with health coaching and psychosocial support aiming for good mental health.

The focus is on lifestyle risk factors after treatment to minimise the reoccurrence of cancers, better manage co-morbidities, symptoms and side effects from treatment.

Ramsay Connect Cancer Care was developed in consultation with Ramsay Health Care and Remedy Healthcare medical specialists to ensure high quality information is provided to patients throughout the program.

“We’re identifying patients who are more at risk or may have high levels of unmet needs and chronic care requiring ongoing co-ordination and health coaching,” Ms Sinclair said.

“The patients are transitioned from our clinical staff in hospital to our community staff and it’s very much a warm handover with the health coach. They meet with the health coach and their program is really tailored around their personalised needs”.

Ramsay Connect National Integrated Care Manager Breanna Ellis, said another strength of the program was the ability to connect patients back to allied health care if needed, through Ramsay Health Plus (Ramsay’s allied health service provided through outpatient clinics).

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