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Ramsay and Remedy join forces to deliver hospital in the home

May 07, 2020

A new standard in hospital-in-the-home services will be set by an innovative Australian company launched today by two leading healthcare providers.

Ramsay Connect–a joint venture between Ramsay Health Plus and Remedy Healthcare–will use its parent companies’ combined expertise to provide coordinated care during and after a patient’s hospitalisation, with a focus on providing people with greater choice and convenience as to where they access their care.

Ramsay Health Care CEO, Danny Sims, said Ramsay Connect would set a new benchmark in care for patients, facilitating seamless care delivery models from hospital to home and providing patients with a truly integrated healthcare experience.

"Leveraging 70 years of combined experience in delivering the highest quality healthcare, Ramsay Connect will provide community and home-based care including rehabilitation in the home post joint replacement," Mr Sims said. "Ramsay Connect will also look to deliver a range of other services including out-of-hospital palliative care, chronic disease and mental health management programs."

"Our service will be accessible and flexible, working in conjunction with the patient’s clinical teams both in and out of hospital ensuring we deliver care that is evidence-based, in the most cost-effective environment."

"With Remedy, Ramsay looks forward to further expanding our healthcare services beyond the hospital walls, simplifying the care coordination for our patients from hospital to home and integrating care across all service providers including the GP."

Rohan Mead, Group Managing Director of Remedy Healthcare’s parent company Australian Unity, said that the new business model would create services that can be delivered at a lower cost than the traditional longer hospital stays, while still providing high quality outcomes and greater choice for patients.

"Australia’s healthcare sector is changing dramatically, with an ageing population driving a shift from the provision of acute and episodic treatment to the ongoing management of the nation’s burgeoning level of chronic disease," Mr Mead said.

"The sector needs to similarly evolve to effectively and efficiently meet these changes, which includes delivering solutions that are outside the traditional parameters of service delivery in a hospital or healthcare institution.

"We need healthcare that can be flexibly integrated into people’s lives, particularly where they are living independently and need and want access to suitable and effective clinical care in a setting of their choice. In our view, patient-centred, integrated care is the way forward and not managed care.

"Remedy Healthcare is delighted to partner with Ramsay Health Plus, bringing the best of both companies together to support better patient outcomes."

Ramsay Health Plus, a subsidiary of Ramsay Health Care, is an allied health service, providing evidence-based treatment and preventative health solutions for patients with a wide range of health and complex medical conditions.

Remedy Healthcare, a subsidiary of Australian Unity, delivers behavioural and physical out-of-hospital healthcare services to support patients living independently for longer. Established in 1840, Australian Unity is Australia’s first member-owned wellbeing company, delivering health, wealth and living services.

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