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Hospital in the Home and Rehabilitation at Home  Services Now Available Nationwide  

August 11, 2020

More than 1,500 patients have accessed Ramsay Connect’s high-quality rehabilitation and hospital care services in the comfort of their own home since the service launched.

Access to these services has been warmly embraced by patients, doctors and health professionals across the Ramsay network, with more than 35 hospitals nationwide now supporting their patients to access in-home care.  
Ramsay Connect Chief Executive Officer Ian Galvin said it is extremely encouraging to see a strong uptake of in-home care solutions being driven by patients and their treating doctors.  
“Patients are actively involved in the decision making regarding their care plan in collaboration with their doctor, hospital and in-home care team. The quality of clinical handover and subsequent care is greatly enhanced, with everyone working together as one service to benefit the patient and their loved ones,” said Mr Galvin.  
Ramsay Connect’s experienced team of care coordinators support patients throughout their in-home healthcare journey and provide an integral link with Ramsay hospitals.  
“Our Care Coordinators have spoken of the clear benefits of these services being integrated into Ramsay’s hospital network,” said Mr Galvin.  
“Patients are achieving the outcomes they and their doctors expect, whilst benefiting from being home with their family and support networks sooner.”  
The ease of access to services, the caring nature of staff and the coordination of the program, are key aspects of the Ramsay Connect programs experienced by patients.  
“We have always been adamant that patients and their healthcare team are best placed to determine the most appropriate care setting.”  
“We have received really positive feedback from patients and the past few months have demonstrated that enabling and empowering patients and their doctors to access a broader range of services is the right approach,” Mr Galvin said.  
Mr Galvin also noted, it is important to acknowledge and thank our health fund partners for supporting us in developing these new services.  
“They have provided their members with an ability to choose where they receive their care, in collaboration with their treating healthcare team,” he said. 

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