Ramsay Health Care

Our Quality and Safety

Patient safety and quality care are of the highest priority for Ramsay Connect as an organisation. We use clinical and patient experience data to evaluate how reliable and consistent patient experiences are, to reduce unwarranted variation, and to drive opportunities for improvement.

In order to measure our performance and truly know how our performance translates to patient outcomes and experience we need to gather information from a range of sources. For example, we gather data from clinical incident reporting, clinical outcomes, audits, patient experience surveys, patient feedback, clinical registries and clinical indicator sets that compare standardised outcomes both internally and externally.

At Ramsay Connect, we have robust processes to ensure clinical outcome data is reviewed in time frames relative to the risk, the greater the risk the more frequently and immediate our review. We have systems that ensure information is escalated to the highest level of the organisation if they pose an imminent risk to patients' safety.