Virtual Heart Failure Service

What does the program provide?

For many individuals dealing with heart failure, frequent hospitalisations become a common part of life. However, it doesn't always have to be this way. While individuals with severe heart failure may still require regular hospital care, there are many hospital visits that can be avoided.

The goal of the Virtual Heart Failure Service is to reduce the time a patient needs to spend in the hospital due to heart failure. This means fewer trips to the hospital and shorter stays when admitted. We achieve this by providing monitoring of vital signs and well-coordinated allied health care. Additionally, we help the patient gain a better understanding of their symptoms.

Every participant in the Virtual Heart Failure Service will receive the following:

1. Heart Health Monitoring Tools:

We will provide technology and wearables designed to help monitor the patient’s heart health. These tools include Bluetooth enabled:

  • Weight scales
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse oximeter

2. Remote Monitoring and Data Analysis:

Vital signs, including blood pressure, weight, pulse, and oxygen saturation, will be monitored and analysed by a dedicated team of cardiovascular nurses. This allows us to keep a close eye on the patient’s health.

3. Convenient Virtual Consultations:

Easy access to scheduled virtual consultations with our team of specialist nurses and allied health professionals, all from home. These consultations can be conducted through video calls or text chats, making it convenient to discuss conditions and any concerns.

Why choose the Virtual Heart Failure Service?

1. Personalised Support and Guidance:

Gain confidence in managing heart failure symptoms with tailored support, advice, and regular check-ins from our team of specialist nurses and allied health professionals.

2. Convenient Remote Monitoring:

We remotely track important health metrics to spot any changes in the patient’s condition early. A dedicated heart failure nurse will guide the patient on managing these changes, helping avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

3. Informed Healthcare Decisions:

We provide data-informed reports to the patient’s specialists and GP, giving them valuable insights into the patient’s heart condition, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

4. Virtual Appointments with Experts:

Schedule virtual appointments with specialised nurses, dietitians, and physiotherapists from the comfort of home. These appointments cover essential topics like healthy eating, managing daily activities with heart failure, and coping with emotions and stress.

5. Save Time and Money:

Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling to hospitals and waiting for treatment. With our virtual service, patients spend less time and money on transportation and enjoy more convenience.

6. Minimal Disruption to Your Life:

Get the support and advice needed without disrupting family and daily routines. Our services are available in the comfort of the patient’s home, providing the convenience you deserve.