Ramsay Health Care

Our Services

Ramsay Connect facilitates an integrated, accessible, and flexible healthcare experience for patients through delivery of patient-first, innovative and financially sustainable healthcare models.

We aim to provide beneficial services for all stakeholders including patients, referrers, funders, healthcare teams and providers, while maintaining high standards of care and high-quality patient outcomes.

At Ramsay Connect, we partner with leading healthcare, technology, and customer experience organisations, including governments and research bodies, to design and deliver innovative solutions to the changing health needs of the community.

Through Ramsay Connect’s integrated services, collaborative partnerships, and expertise, we are able to offer home-based clinical care, support services, telehealth interventions, psychological support services and the provision of remotely delivered care coordinator, health service navigation and health coaching. 

Hospital Substitution Programs

Working in conjunction with patient’s clinical teams, both in and out of hospital, through dedicated care coordination, Ramsay Connect delivers high-quality hospital substitution programs including Hospital Care at Home, Reconditioning at Home and Rehabilitation at Home.  This care model allows patients to transition out of hospital sooner and receive individualised and multidisciplinary care in the comfort, privacy and safety of their own home.

Hospital Care at Home

Rehabilitation at Home

Survivorship Programs

For many people, life after treatment is not quite the same as before diagnosis.

The Ramsay Connect Cancer Care programs aims to support patients after active cancer treatment through a clinician-led, personalised program. The program involves support to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle through health coaching and access to psychosocial support as well as helping patients to better manage co-morbidities, symptoms, side-effects and minimise risk factors after treatment.

Ramsay Connect Cancer Care

Virtual Home Health Service

The Virtual Home Health Service has been designed by expert clinicians and consumers to support those living with chronic conditions such heart failure. The service utilises advanced technology to help people safely and effectively manage their condition at home – reducing the need to go to hospital.

The Virtual Home Health Service is a nurse-led disease management service which uses technology loaned to patients that will monitor vital signs and clinical information from home. 

This information is transmitted to the service’s specialist nurses who will work in conjunction with the medical specialist and GP to monitor the patient’s clinical needs. The multidisciplinary team will then support the patient to better understand and improve their condition as well as become more self-efficient in managing their symptoms.

Ramsay Connect Heart Failure Virtual Home Health Service.